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Pathways learning program

Pathways is the name of the Toastmasters learning program that we work through in club meetings at Harbord Diggers Toastmasters - it offers an exciting, flexible and interactive way to develop your skills. Pathways helps you learn the communication and leadership skills you need to succeed.

It gives you:

11 Specialized Learning Paths

After taking an online assessment, you will be guided to the ideal path, based on your current goals.
There are at least 14 projects in each path.

Pathway Dynamic Leadership

Dynamic Leadership

Pathway Effective Coaching

Effective Coaching

Pathway Engaging Humor

Engaging Humour

Pathway Innovative Planning

Innovative Planning

Pathway Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Pathway Motivational Strategies

Motivational Strategies

Pathway Persuasive Influence

Persuasive Influence

Pathway Presentation Mastery

Presentation Mastery

Pathway Strategic Relationships

Strategic Relationships

Pathway Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Pathway Visionary Communicator

Visionary Communication