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Our Final Meeting of 2023 Takes a Jolly Turn

Our final meeting of the year took a delightful turn when a special guest arrived – Santa himself! But he wasn’t just there to spread holiday cheer; he needed our help with a predicament. Santa Seeks a Stand-In Facing the realities of time, Santa and Mrs. Claus decided it was time for a well-deserved vacation. […]

Leadership Styles: What I’ve Learned in 30 Years

In a recent meeting, Kerryn delivered a speech on leadership and shared some insights about what she has learned and some tips for us to find our own leadership style. Here are some words from Kerryn…. When I did a google search of leadership quotes it returned 292 million hits in 0.41 seconds! Our leadership […]

Great Resignation

Employee holding resignation letter and packing box

We closed the year out with two fabulous speeches from Jodi, we learnt about the Great Resignation – scheduled for early 2022, as well as what it takes to make a great leader.

Forward Momentum

Red VW Van

A meeting full of laughter – who would think that learning public speaking skills could be enjoyable! Great speeches as we learned about a members diverse career moves, culminating in the purchase and restoration of a van as well as sideways steps for Brad as he shifted from the corporate to creative realms.


Chance versus Change

A meeting of firsts, our first hybrid meeting with members face to face and online, an Icebreaker speech from Dana where about Wim-Off breathing methods and ice baths plus a speech from Ana Vucinic where we journeyed with her as she travelled from Croatia to Australia and beyond.